The Dutch Journal of Oncology

The Dutch Journal of Oncology is a peer-reviewed scientific journal dedicated to educate specialists within the field of oncology by providing specialists with accurate, peer-reviewed information targeted to day-to-day clinical practice. 

The Dutch Journal of Oncology is the official scientific journal of the Dutch Society of Radiotherapy and Oncology,

Number of issues published each year: 8

Independent Editorial Board:

J. Buter, medisch oncoloog, PhD, MD, VUmc, Amsterdam
J.G.J.V. Aerts, PhD, MD, longarts Amphia Ziekenhuis, Breda
J.-P. van Basten, uroloog, Dr., CWZ Nijmegen
A.M. Van Berkel, maag-darm-leverarts, MD, Medisch Centrum Alkmaar
R. de Bree, KNO arts/hoofd-halschirurg, professor in Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery, UMC Utrecht Cancer Center, Utrecht
J.E.C. Bromberg, neuro-oncoloog, PhD, MD, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam
J.M. van Dieren, MD, maag-darm-leverarts, MD, AVL, Amsterdam
A.M.C. Dingemans, PhD, MD, longarts MUMC, Maastricht
H.J. Guchelaar, ziekenhuisapotheker-klinisch farmacoloog, professor of Clinical Pharmacy, LUMC, Leiden
L. Hol, , maag-darm-leverarts, MD, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam
A. Jager, internist-oncoloog, PhD, MD, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam
J.H.A.M. Kaanders, radiotherapeut, professor of Radiotherapy, UMCN, Nijmegen
H.W. Kapiteijn, internist-oncoloog, PhD, MD, LUMC, Leiden
J.M. Kerst, internist-hemato-/oncoloog, PhD, MD, NKI-AVL, Amsterdam
L. Massuger, gynecoloog, prof. dr., Radboud UMC
R.H.J. Mathijssen, internist-oncoloog/klinisch farmacoloog, prof. dr., Erasmus MC, Rotterdam
N. Haj Mohammad, MD, PharmD, medisch oncoloog,, MD, UMCU, Utrecht
O.E. Nieweg,oncologisch chirurg, PhD, MD, NKI-AVL, Amsterdam
F.P.J. Peters, medisch oncoloog, MD, Orbis Medisch Centrum, Sittard
F.M.N.H. Schramel, longarts, PhD, MD, St. Antonius Ziekenhuis, Nieuwegein
G.S. Sonke, internist-oncoloog/epidemioloog, PhD, MD, NKI-AVL, Amsterdam
C.H.J. Terhaard, radiotherapeut, Phd, MD, UMCU, Utrecht
G.A.M. Tytgat, kinderarts/oncoloog, PhD, MD, AMC, Amsterdam
M. Verheij, radiotherapeut, professor of Radiotherapy, NKI-AVL, Amsterdam
J.H.W. de Wilt, oncologisch chirurg, professor of Oncological Surgery, UMCN, Nijmegen
P.O. Witteveen, medisch oncoloog, PhD, MD, UMCU, Utrecht

The Dutch Journal of Oncology

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